Hosting of Blocks.so through Blocks.so, with manual workflow and hacks.
Accelerated Speed. Aggressive minimization & caching, as fast / faster than super.so.
Self-Serve Hosting. Workflow for free hosting, including basic auth.
One-Click Analytics. Segment, GA, Amplitude, and Mixpanel support. Map clicks to actions, support Events with Apps.
Blog App. Configure a route as a Blog running specific table for content, with subpages.
Sitemap App.
Form App.
Social Stylesheets
Minimal Customization. Site Search / Top Bar / Page Properties / Search Indexing / Snippet / Site Description / Favicon / Site Image.
Social Templates
Social Apps
Pretty URL Mapping.
Auth App. Support protection of Notion pages / routes behind Auth, with login / registration flow, account editing..
Billing App. For Membership charges.
Gallery App. For Icons.
Video App. For community tutorials.
Q&A App. For Stack Overflow / Reddit clone.